Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fitness and Nutrition Links

I have been really off my normal routines for a few months and it's time to get back to my old self. I need to get back to my blogging, working out, sleeping better, getting back in shape, eating healthier, and cutting the alcohol intake. It has been a crazy few months for us. We bought a house, (our first), which is really fun and exciting but it has also been stressful. I also traveled to Hong Kong for work for two weeks in the middle of all of this and now I'm getting ready to go for another two weeks. I have so much to catch up on and so many posts to share!

Today, I want to share some helpful links that I have come across and that I am using to get myself back on track. Starting with eating better and holding myself accountable for what I eat.

What I like about this site: The meal planner. It allows you to search for healthy recipes and add them to your menu plan. You can plan the whole week and then view your shopping list which is really nice! It will also total your daily calories and this is helpful if you are trying to lose weight and need to create a calorie defecit. You can also calculate your BMI and it will tell you how many calories you need daily to maintain or to lose weight.

2. Calorie Counter
What I like about this site: you can add your own recipes and analyze them so it will break down your nutrition information by serving. It's really great for me to copy and paste recipes that I want to try directly into here and then get the information so easily. Like many other sites, it too allows you to track your meals, excercise and weight loss progress, however, it is a bit more user friendly than some of the others I have tried to use. It also gives you in depth analysis of your progress and you will be surprised how detailed it is in evaluating your food. It also has an app for the iphone and android.

The next group of links relates to fitness. I wanted to share this new iphone app I found today and also a blog post that has a great ab workout.

I downloaded the app for my iphone but they also have a website. It is a GPS for outdoor or indoor tracking. I used it today to go for a run around my new neighborhood which I'm not very familiar with yet so it was amazing. It works as a GPS while recording your route on a street map of your neighborhood, tracks your speed, distance, calories burned, and saves them by date so you have a journal of your workouts. It's my new favorite discovery! I ran 2 1/2 miles today and I felt great so I'm going to be using this one a lot.

2. FollowTheLita
This is a fitness blog I follow and today I came across this post with a video of her abs workout. She posted these P90x videos off youtube and let me just tell you...they are not easy. I tried them today after my run and I can really feel it. I am going to start incorporating them into my work outs 2 or 3 times a week. Go over the FollowTheLita and check out the videos she has posted under my fav ab workout.

I'm really tired, it was a long productive day and I need to get some sleep before I start my week all over! Stay tuned for more web links and healthy inspirations!

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