Sunday, September 12, 2010

Things I Want This Fall: Shoe Edition

All I can think about lately are all of the things I want to buy for Fall and I thought I would take some time to share them with everyone! Because I love shoes so much, I thought I would do this first installment on all of the shoes. There are a lot! Since there are so many, I really can't afford to break the bank on every pair so I've been searching for a while to see what I can find in my price range and hopefully this helps

1.Rocket Dog, $69.95
2.Quipd, $44.99
3.Diba, $64.95

1.AmiClubWear, $19.99
2.AmiClubWear, $28.99
3.AmiClubWear, $22.99
4.AmiClubWear, $29.99
These areen't really trends but still fun. I found these while looking for cheaper options of some of these other trends. Although, suede heels have been gaining popularity as well as leopard print. P.S. Jeffrey Campbell has an amazing leopard wedge boot!

some of you as well.
1. Amiclubwear, $33.99
2.Amiclubwear, $23.99
So, these are both cheap options but are very cute! I could buy both at those prices!

1.Topshop, $190
2.ASOS, $143

While there are many shearling styles out there, there are not many in my price range since Shearling is so expensive.

1.ASOS, $151.65 That is marked down from $252.75 and these are absolutely gorgeous!
2.Jeffrey Campbell, $189.95 I have been staring at these for weeks every day. I love love love the architectural aspect of the heel and it's sort of even doing the western trend
3.ASOS, $101.10 I love the color of these. It's such a nice transitional fall color
4.Jeffrey Campbell, $ 154.95 Another amazing heel on these plus they are inspired but the much more expensive Basso and Brooke version
5.Alloy, $46.90

I could buy a million wedge boots and pretty much every single pair made by Jeffrey Campbell.

2. Jeffery Campbell, $97 These are a great deal too. They are marked down from $194
3. MIA, $113, I love the dark navy color
4.Amiclubwear, $21.99 While I have to admit they don't look as expensive as some of the others, they certainly are bad for the price
5.Fergie, $129
6.MIA, $159
I love this trend of the shorter western boot but I may go for a lower priced shoe on this trend. Then again the JC boot is half off!

Stay tunes, for what else I NEED for Fall!

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