Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shoes > Self Control

Now please forgive the terrible photos as well as the outfit that was not planned to go with them but I was just so excited to show off the new shoes. I'll be the first to admit that self control in the shoe department is not something that I pride myself on. I guess that's why I ended up with two new pairs today!!!

Call it a mental illness if you will but I just loose all control when shoes come into the picture. Like for example today.... I walk into the store and as I'm approaching the shoes I can feel the A.D.D take over. I don't know where to look and I'm all over the place. I also know very well that once a shoe is on my foot and I love it, I am simply not leaving without it! Therefore, in an effort to control myself, I am not much of a browser. I only enter a shoe store when I am there to purchase and I have to decide that in an environment free of shoes (so that my decision isn't swayed of course)

Last week was my birthday and I was given money from both my parents and Drew's so it only made since that new shoes were on the horizon. The first thing I said this morning when I opened my eyes was, "I am going shoe shopping today" When I got there, I really did have every intention of only buying one pair, I really did but I like I said, I loose control.

So there I was sitting in a pile of boxes debating if it was ok to buy three or four pair when I spotted this beautiful pair of Rachel Roy boots. The minute I put my foot in, that feeling came over me! I immediately ran to a mirror to marvel at they're beauty, leaving my purse and coat on a seat unattended. Luckily other people shopping for shoes today were honest because they could have robbed me blind and I would have never noticed till I went to pay. I'm actually just assuming other people get swooped off to the happy shoe place I'm in and don't even notice how neglectful I am of my belongings. Anyways, I am really excited about them if you can't tell. I even had to put them in my trunk on the way home so that I didn't reck my car staring at them the whole way home!

I also got a pair of heels that were on clearance, I couldn't pass up a deal!

Anyways, long story short...happy birthday to me!

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